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Mini-Metroidvania ‘Jottobots’ Finally Released


Kyle Pulver’s released several great games this year already, including Snapshot and Offspring Fling!, but a few days ago he surprised everyone with a release that the world thought would never see the light of day: Jottobots! This zany, explosion-heavy 2D Metroidvania action game (wow, that’s a lot of adjectives) has finally been released, following several years of development, but what’s it all about?

You play as one of the last surviving Jottobots (hence the title), tasked with finding a way to survive this hostile world on which you’re stranded; get ready for lots of platforming, plenty of combat and even more explosions! But you’re gonna have to pay attention to that little thing in the upper right corner as you blast enemies and jump across spike-filled pits, because you only have 5 minutes to finish each level; and with a strong emphasis on setting a high score, you literally don’t have a second to waste. Those online leaderboards aren’t going to top themselves, after all..

I’m not too fond of games being released without a demo, but since Jottobots is only $1, who needs a demo? It’s one dollar, after all. ONE dollar! I’d recommend you pick it up right now from the official website, where a lenghty writeup on its history can also be found; and the soundtrack is also available for purchase, should you find the music to your liking.

Jottobots for PC!