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‘Interplanetary’ (Early Access) Brings the Single Player by Adding a WIP AI

Interplanetary (AI update)

While multiplayer is without a doubt the focus of Interplanetary, I’m sure some – myself included – have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of AI opponents. Sure, it’s fun to blow planets up and launch missiles across the vastness of space, to annihilate the empires of other people. Definitely fun. But there are times when you just want to take on the game itself, and now you can do exactly that!

It’s been a while since Interplanetary launched on Steam Early Access, and the developer’s been more than a little busy behind the scenes, updating the game and fixing bugs. In fact, just the other day, a sizeable patch was released to overhaul the UI, tweak network performance, and of course… add AI bots for the single player crowd. Groovy.

Whether you take on one or more AIs or human opponents, the goal remains simple: destroy all their cities! You’ll have to manage construction, power, upgrades, research, trajectory (when launching an attack) and plenty more though, meaning it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. Initial testing against the AI showed promise of genuine challenge, but needless to say – and its creator is aware of this – there’s still plenty work to be done in that area. But what’s there does work for proper offline skirmishes. Kaboom? Kaboom!

Interplanetary (AI update)

That said, do keep in mind that the game itself is also still a WIP, so while bugs have been fixed, more are likely going to pop up over time. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it for a spin, as it’s definitely playable in its current state. Plus, grabbing the game while it’s still in Early Access means you get to help improve the game prior to launch, aiding its creator with feedback and such. Or you could wait for the final version – your call. I’d recommend at least considering grabbing a copy of Interplanetary sooner or later, though, there’s fun to be had here.

Interplanetary is available from Steam (Early Access) for Windows, Mac, SteamOS, Linux, where it carries a $9.99 price tag.

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