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‘GunSlugs’ Brings Chaotic Pixel Blasting to iOS and Android


Oh boy! The Black Duck Army is up to no good, and it’s your job to stop them in this chaotic pixel-styled run ‘n gun title from Orange Pixel. But since it’s dangerous to go alone, you should bring a friend along, either for the additional firepower or, if you’re feeling evil, as a shield from enemy fire (muahahaha). Either way, the fate of the world – maybe even the entire universe – rests on your shoulders! No pressure.

How does randomly generated levels, unlockable characters and weapons that range from your standard gun to grenades and even a flamethrower sound? Yeah, I believe you’re right. Adding that stuff to the chaos and mayhem that is bound to ensue as you roam each level, blasting bad guys, blowing up buildings and taking on huge whatever-the-heck-they-are in massive boss battles is only going to make it more fun! Oh and it has a cover system, because every game needs that, right? Yeah… Anyway, do you think it sounds a bit too serious? Really? Well I wouldn’t worry too much, since it seems to feature plenty of pop culture references and tongue-in-cheek humor – now that’s something a game like this needs!

GunSlugs is available right now on Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes) for $1.99; and since no action game is complete without a kick-ass soundtrack, I’d recommend checking out Gavin Harisson’s composition for the game. Now go show those wannabe action heroes how to save the world!

GunSlugs Official release Trailer

GunSlugs official website