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First Greenlit Batch of March Breaks Out Another Fifty


Wow. March has barely begun, and we’ve already got a Greenlight jailbreak. On top of that, it’s also a batch completely void of software. That’s right: it’s all games in this one! Well, one’s a mod, but who cares, right? Greenlit is greenlit – let the good times roll!

Well, if nothing else, this one’s certainly a varied batch. Not the most exciting to date, but then again, they can’t all be, ya know? Puzzles, MMORPGs, shooters, a trucker or two along with visual novels, and… a couple which can’t be put into any one genre; varied batch indeed. Oh and Telepath Tactics, which has been on Greenlight since December 2012 finally made it! Awesome. Also, should you need recommendations for ones to keep an eye on, I’ve listed my top picks from this batch at the bottom.

But while celebrating this joyous occasion, we mustn’t forget that a large amount of games are still on Greenlight, trying to rack up enough votes to get through. Remember my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo series? Yeah… none made it through this time. None. Not a single one. Sad panda? You better believe it! So, what say you check those out before browsing the list of 50? You know you want to.