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Get Gassy, Run as Fast as You Can, and You May be Able to… ‘Escape Doodland’

You-know-what has hit the proverbial fan in Escape Doodland, courtesy of Omnomus deciding to stop by. See, this fella is of a particularly nasty variety… the sort that likes to eat the inhabitants of Doodland. Yup. Bit of a problem right there, and no, you don’t get to fight him. At least, I don’t think so. Far as I can tell, your only means of defense is to run, run, and run some more. Run as fast as you can, aided by said potential Omnomus snacks as you go along. Groovy. Disturbing, but… groovy.

According to its creator, “Doodland is a grotesque world created on a piece of paper”, although I suspect you’ve already noticed that from the above screenshot. What it does not show however, is that Doodlers (the creatures of Doodland) have, well, “gastric problems”. I know, disgusting, right? Actually, in this case… kinda… beneficial. No, seriously: Omnomus can be stunned by the power of farts!

Death and destruction came into Doodland. This happy and joyful land is going to change. Forever.There are only two options: run as fast as you can or die.

On top of that, if you fart on a lit match, you’ll go flying. Because science. Or something. I guess. Too crazy? I’d be inclined to agree, if not for the fact that we’re talking about a video game here – one “created on a piece of paper” no less. But as it stands, few things are able to surprise me anymore when it comes to interactive entertainment like this. Just remember to bring a mask. With super durable filters. Even more so if you decide to get gassy with other people in Escape Doodland‘s multiplayer component. Just saying…

Escape Doodland will be available from Steam, Q1 2018, with a TBD price tag.

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