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The Thrilling Conclusion to Bwana and Kito’s ‘The Journey Down’ Trilogy Is Finally Here

Bwana and Kito, protagonists of The Journey Down – accompanied by the lovely Lina – have come a long way since their humble (and seemingly nonsensical) beginnings in the first chapter. Crazy shenanigans, sneaky trickery and other groovy things took place – all to further their journey towards the fabled Underland. A journey which, courtesy of the recently released finale, we finally get to see the end of. Will it be a happy ending for our intrepid adventurers, or something something Armando Power Company? One way to find out…

But first things first: you did play The Journey Down: Chapter One (review) and The Journey Down: Chapter Two (review) already, right? Because… you know, it’d be kinda weird to start with the end of a trilogy. That said, having played through the first two entries several times at this point, I’m more than a little excited to experience the conclusion to this pointy and clicky tale of the silliest protagonists this genre has seen. Or close to, at least.

Like the two titles before it, The Journey Down: Chapter Three features “original jazzy reggae” music, voice acting for all characters, stylishly handpainted environments, as well as plenty humor-fueled dialogue, surely; even if the overarching plot is anything but goofy. I mean, the trio has risked life and limb to get this far, and I suspect what lies ahead is not exactly going to be a walk in the park either. So buckle up, dust off that expensive mouse pad and get ready to point and click like never before, to help Bwana, Kito and Lina reach the end of their bombastic journey in one piece!

The Journey Down Trilogy is available from Steam, GOG.com, iTunes, carrying varying price tags.

Update: iTunes link added.

The Journey Down: Chapter Three Official trailer