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‘Dungeon Hearts’ Has Arrived With a Runic RPG Rumble

Dungeon Hearts

Mixing match-three with RPG elements is a tried-and-true formula and one we’ve seen plenty of times before, especially on mobile devices and tablets, yet Dungeon Hearts seems to have pulled it off without simply retreading familiar ground. Maybe it’s the change of pace that the Fatestream mechanic brings with it? Unlike in Puzzle Quest, time is constantly ticking mid-battle here, so get ready to match runes quickly or face the consequences.

While the system of matching three or more runes is easy to learn, mastering it and keeping up with the pace once things heat up, is going to take time. Depending on the runes currently flowing through the Fatestream, you’ll be able to attack, heal, defend, maybe even cast a spell or maybe even demolish your poor opponent with a powerful multi-hero combo. You have to think on your feet though, because time is constantly flowing during battle, and the last thing you want is for your party of four to become a mere footnote in the history books, while The Dark One wreaks havoc across the lands.

“Four spirits race across the land, burdened with tragedy. Within each lies the specter of guilt and fear, which The Dark One bends to his will to enact his resurrection. They realize the deception too late as the promise of salvation turns to betrayal.”

There’s more to it than simply matching runes to survive each encounter too, as each of your heroes can be leveled up and acquire new abilities, attacks and spells in the process and chances are you’ll need every advantage you can get, once the final battle arrives. Along the way you’ll be able to learn more about the world you’re trying desperately to save, while duking it out with one nasty monster after another, in randomly generated battle sequences, kicking ass and taking names as it were.

Ya know, I think it’s time to stop writing and go pick up the iPad version of Dungeon Hearts instead. It’ll be available on Steam later today, although… I have a feeling that this type of game is a better fit for a touch-screen. Time to match some runes!

Dungeon Hearts – Launch Trailer