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‘LIMBO’ Getting Ready to Spook Players On Vita


If you have yet to experience Playdead’s silhouette-styled platformer about a boy in search of his sister, WHY NOT?! This is an incredible (and a bit creepy) experience that should not be missed by anyone, even though it’s one full of both danger and mystery, huge spider and all. But if your excuse is “I only play games on my PlayStation Vita”, well, then you’re in luck.

In a joint effort with Playdead, Double Eleven will be making sure LIMBO arrive on the Vita, complete with everything that made the original a hit, and strangely enough, nothing else. Am I the only one thinking that it would make a lot more sense that when you port a game from 2011 to Sony’s handheld, to include at least a few new features? Alas, that’s not the case. In fact, it won’t even feature touch controls or cross-play, the latter of which I find to be quite odd.

Hopefully it will still be as big a hit on the Vita as it’s been on both Windows/Mac, Xbox 360 (XBLA) and the PlayStation 3 (PSN), when it arrives. While it is currently unknown exactly when players will be able to take LIMBO on the road, Playdead CEO Dino Patti says it should be “this year”. But since we’re only about to leave the month of March, that could mean anything from “next week” to “around Christmas”! Oh well, patience is a virtue, I suppose.