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‘Dimension Drive’ [Early Acccess] Challenges SHMUP Fans With Screen Jumping Shenanigans

Dimension Drive [Early Access]

It’s not every day we get to wage war across multiple dimensions in the same shoot ’em up… at the same time! And that’s exactly what’s going on in Dimension Drive, as your quest for the origin of the mysterious Dimension Drives requires fighting on two fronts, simultaneously. Normally such a task would be nigh impossible, but with a legendary ship like The Manticore at your disposal – a piece of cake! Provided you can handle the relentless onslaught of course, because… well, the Ashajuls have decided to invade our universe. Bastards.

From left to right and back in the blink of an eye, guns blazing as everything explodes around you – sounds like a pretty neat gig to me, even if the game is still a work-in-progress (hence, Early Access). That said, its story mode does currently feature a handful of levels, concluding at the end of the second world; after the player has successfully tackled several boss battles, large and small. Oh, and since it’s, you know, dangerous to go alone… why not bring a friend to help even the odds?

Unless you’re equally skilled or plan on messing around rather than progressing, it might be safer – if less amusing – to go at it all by your lonesome, though. See, everything is shared between players, including lives, theoretically making for a much shorter journey and one in which the bad guys win. A second players does also mean an extra ship, however, which translates to, oh I don’t know… extra firepower, perhaps? Pew pew!

Finally, as an exclusive for Early Access players you will be able to fight in The Multiverse. Every 2 weeks with each new update, there will be one new level where you will compete against all other pilots to beat the high-score in the global rankings.

Now, as for when we can expect Dimension Drive to hit that ever lovely 1.0 milestone, according to its Steam page, the developer is “aiming for a period of around 6 to 12 months” – hardly a long wait compared to certain other Early Access titles (Dungeon Defenders II, I’m looking at you…).

Dimension Drive is available from Steam [Early Access], carrying a $12.99 price tag (might go up at launch).

Dimension Drive – Early Access Launch Trailer