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‘Croixleur’ Released With Plenty of Monsters In a Colorful Hack ‘n Slash


Hope you’re in the mood for a Japanese fast-paced hack ‘n slash action game (wow, that’s a mouthful), because that’s what Croixleur is! The setup is similar to Devil May Cry’s Bloody Palace mode, since each session has you fighting through floor after floor full of monsters as part of a ritual called ‘the Adjuvant Trial’ (wait, what?).

At its core, Croixleur is a simple affair: Beat up every bad guy in the area, move onto the next one, rinse and repeat. But there’s definitely more to it than that, as you’ll have to pick the right tool (weapon) for the job since each has its own unique special attack along with being either air- or ground-based. There is also an Unstoppable Attack which can be used upon collecting 100 of the coins fallen foes leave behind, and believe me – that’s one nifty move should you find yourself surrounded; or just (air) dash to safety!

There aren’t a lot of modes to pick from, with Story, Score Attack and Endless being all there is, but while the two latter are pretty self-explanatory, Story comes with a twist or two of its own: there is more than one way to reach your destination, at which point your overall performance determines the ending you get. Those two features might not give the game a ton of staying power, but hey – that’s what the other two modes are there for. Endless does resemble the aforementioned Bloody Palace mode from Devil May Cry pretty closely after all, although with one exception: Croixleur‘s protagonist is far more feminine than Dante could ever hope to be.

Alright, on to the good stuff. Croixleur can be purchased directly from the developer, as well as from either Desura or GamersGate, for $4.99. Wanna see it on Steam? Help Greenlight it then. Oh and here’s a link to the try-before-you-buy version.