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Crank It Up to Eleven With ‘FTL’, ‘Monaco’ and More In Game Music Bundle 5

Game Music Bundle 5

Is there anything better than indie games? Well, no, but one thing is as good at least: their soundtracks, and my playlist will gladly back that claim up, with Gunslugs, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, QbQbQb and many other. Unfortunately for you, none of those are in Game Music Bundle 5. But since its contents are still nothing short of stellar, do crank up those speakers and join me in the mix.

Picking this one up is a simple affair. No ‘beat the average’, pay-what-you-want, secret albums that unlock later or anything like that. Just two price tiers to determine which albums you get to add to your digital music collection: $1 and $10, the latter of which gets you a total of nineteen albums. Madness! If you feel like gunning for one of the top contributor slots however, you’ll have to cough up a lot more.

Game Music Bundle 5

But those are all intended for collectors, who are willing to pay extra for either a FEZ shirt, a signed Leisure Suit Larry score or the Monaco game (with a poster), and as such, do not contain other albums. Ten bucks will get you the entire musical collection in Game Music Bundle 5, which is a great deal!

Game Music Bundle 5 can be acquired from gamemusicbundle.com, but only for another 12 days. Oh, its contents? Conveniently listed below.

Level 1 ($1 minimum)

  • Monaco:What’s Yours Is Mine by Austin Wintory FTL: Faster Than Light
  • FTL: Faster Than Light – Original Soundtrack by Ben Prunty
  • FEZ: Original Soundtrack by Disasterpeace
  • Gunpoint – The Soundtrack by John Robert Matz, Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded by Austin Wintory
  • World Of Goo Soundtrack by Kyle Gabler

Level 2 ($10 minimum)

  • FZ: Side F by Various Artists
  • FZ: Side Z by Various Artists
  • Monaco: The Gentleman’s Private Collection by Various Artists
  • The Forge by Austin Wintory, Malukah, Tina Guo
  • Hero of Many by Trickster Arts
  • Marble Time: Original Soundtrack by Calum Bowen
  • Super Panda Adventures by James Dean
  • Anodyne Remix Album by Various Artists
  • Frog Fractions by Various Artists
  • Little Inferno Soundtrack by Kyle Gabler
  • Anodyne by Seagaia
  • Me and My Dinosaur 2 Official Soundtrack by David Saulesco
  • Drox Operative Soundtrack by Soldak Entertainment / Tori Kamal