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‘COFFEE MAFIA’ Impressions: Fast and Furious Coffee Shop Shootout


I don’t like coffee. At all. Hot, cold, with or without sugar, doesn’t matter. I don’t like it. Not that it’s really relevant though, because COFFEE MAFIA is not about drinking that beverage anyway. You’re gonna be far too busy dodging bullets and filling bad guys with lead to sip from a cup, in this series of frantic shootouts.

I don’t recall ever walking into a coffee shop where everyone wanted me dead, so this was definitely a first. It was a pretty scary scenario, with guns going off all around me and bullets coming from seemingly every angle! But since I hadn’t come empty-handed and the only thing on the menu was ‘kill or be killed’, I started spraying left and right, taking out everyone in sight – no one was left standing.

In my defense, they were all trying to kill me, so fair is fair, but enough of that. COFFEE MAFIA is a twin-stick shooter which borrows heavily from Hotline Miami, only with a far more minimalistic approach. There aren’t any masks or additional weapons. What you see is what you get, but that gun of yours is quite capable of sending those gunmen six feet under – too bad the same holds true for the hardware your enemies are packing.

As such, running into a room without preparing for the fight ahead will likely yield poor results, while planning ahead is a great way to tip the scales in your favor. But don’t take too long, because wrapping things up in a timely manner will reveal a cheat (woo!), which can then be entered on the title screen – just be quick, or it won’t work. These aren’t the kind that grant you immortality or such nonsense either,  instead tweaking the experience for added replay value.

All in all, a short, entertaining and rather violent experience. So lock and load – it’s time to go crazy, in… COFFEE MAFIA!