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The Saga Ends: ‘Avadon 3’s Release Concludes the Massive CRPG Trilogy

Avadon 3

Were I to describe Spiderweb Software, it would probably go along the lines of ‘small studio, big worlds’, as they’ve created absolutely massive CRPG worlds in the Avadon trilogy. A trilogy which saw its finale made available earlier today, which means the time has come to pick a side, fight the good fight or turn your back on everything. Or something else entirely. Up to you, in… Avadon 3: The Warborn.

Hard to believe that it’s been almost three years since Avadon 2 saw the light of day, meaning Avadon 3 sure has been a long time coming. Whether it has been worth the wait remains to be seen as I have yet to play it, although if it’s anything like Spiderweb Software’s other CRPGs, then ‘hell yeah’ is the answer. Either way, a grand adventure awaits you, as a Hand of Avadon, tasked with stopping barbarians and raging monsters as they pillage and destroy your homeland.

Avadon 3 features many different endings. Will you save your people or betray them? Follow orders or claw for more power? We leave those decisions for you.

Pick a class, create your character, and get ready to fight for your very life, because something tells me your enemies are not about to let up. Oh, and with several different endings available, you’ll probably want to start over a few times for a “what if… ?”. Then again, maybe one romp through what is bound to be a 30+ hour long journey through Avadon 3, one full of magics, dungeon delving, tough choices and even tougher battles is satisfactory? Hard to say. Only one way to find out!

Avadon 3: The Warborn is available from Steam, GOG.com, directly at $19.99.

Avadon 3 Trailer