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You Won’t Make It In ‘Metrico+’ Without Some Outside-the-Box Thinking


In most games that revolve around puzzle solving, you’re on a set path. A path which will take you from a to b, maybe with a detour through 1 or 2, but the road is still pretty much set in stone. Not quite so with Metrico+, as here, you’ll have to… carve your own… road. Metaphorically speaking, anyway. Or maybe it is actually a trip from a to b? Here’s the thing though: you’ll have to take it step by step, experimenting, exploring, failing and then trying something else, bit by bit, to progress. Yeah.

Why? Well, short version, ‘Input Morphing’, although since that’s unlikely to compute for most, here’s the long version: like in the real world, every action in Metrico+ has a reaction. Not quite what one might expect, however. That is, unless you actually assumed that taking a step to the left instead of right would impact the world in a specific way, and that it’s all related to science (or math, for that matter)? Yeah. Doubtful, and no, I’m not crazy. That’s how this world works. Really.

Everything you do changes something or other. Hence the bit earlier about experimentation and failing to progress until you get it right. This is also what makes the game so darn impressive. Platformers are a dime a dozen, but how many truly stand out from the crowd with a super unique mechanic like this? Not many, that much is certain. Oh, confused? Do check out the trailer below then!

Metrico+ is available from Steam, at $13.99.

Metrico+ Release Trailer – OUT NOW ON PS4 & STEAM