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‘Anna – Extended Edition’ Will Be Even More Terrifying

Anna Extended Edition

If you’re a horror fan, chances are you already own Anna. What’s that, you don’t have it yet? Well, now’s as good a time as any then, especially since a free content update called ‘Extended Edition’ (EE) is lurking in the shadows. Who’s in the mood for a first-person horror adventure?

Keeping your sanity intact through all the scary stuff is the least of your problems while playing this game: you’ve also got puzzles to solve, clues to uncover and several different endings to experience. Already played through it, seen everything and think you’re done now? You’re about to be proven wrong, because Anna is not done yet! With the upcoming EE update, large parts of the game will change with brand new environments and puzzles to experience. Those already part of the game will receive an overhaul and the entire interface is getting redone, so even those who know the game by heart have plenty of scares to look forward to… BOO!

Alright, serious time. Anna is available from either Steam or Desura, if you’re interested in a terrifyingly good time. Note: Since the EE trailer (below) lacks gameplay, here’s a link to one that has some.

Anna – Extended Edition: Trailer

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