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‘Wooden Nickel’ Looks Like a Rather Stylish Narrative-Driven Western Tale

The year is 1985 and you’ve just arrived in the frontier town of Wooden Nickel, fully intending to only stick around for two weeks, a southbound train being on the menu afterward. But it is not uncommon for plans to change, and who knows – maybe yours will too, in this upcoming western from the creator of Burly Men at Sea.

As is often the case with game reveals like this, not many details are available just yet. In fact, far as I can decipher, most of what is known about Wooden Nickel at this point… I’ve already shared in the above paragraph, perhaps save for the ‘why’ part of its protagonist’s potentially plans changing.

Were I to wager a guess, I’d say curiosity might get the better of ya, scribblings in the local newspaper leading to interactions with the locals, eventually generating a sense of familiarity – one of belonging. Would definitely be preferable to your travel plans, seeing how they involve an “adventure in those inhospitable lands”. Time will tell what happens in this stylish, narrative adventure.

Now, where’s that release date/window?

Wooden Nickel

Wooden Nickel – Teaser