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‘The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain’ is Right Around the Corner, Point ‘n Click Aplenty

When an evil witch kidnaps a bunch of children, who do you send to thwart her wicked plan and, you know, put an end to her misdoings? Why, a group of audio scientists of course, which is exactly what’s happening in The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain… and you better believe none of them have a clue as to what they’re doing.

Between Garland, Vandamme, Carlton, Frithel, Auto and Chladni, surely someone can come up with something resembling a plan, though – right? Also, Auto is a robot. The kind who’s hellbent on killing every human on the planet? Hard to say, but for the time being, he’ll be helping this uncanny lot – these… Helmholtz Resonators (wait, what?) – against the witch. And they’ll need all the help they can get.

Explore a rich and interactive set of environments, filled with head-scratching puzzles. Unravel a salacious storyline, meet a cornucopia of quirky characters, and boogie on down to an awesome original soundtrack!​

See, in this particular pointy and clicky adventure, each of the (many) protagonists suffer from, well, let’s just call them ‘personality quirks’: one wants everything to always be neat and tidy, another has a drinking problem, and then there’s the ‘ladies man’ – to name but a few. Wow. This is the crowd who’ll soon be busy rescuing children from a witch in The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain (or trying to, anyway)? Those poor kids.

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain will be available on Steam and Switch, come March 29.

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain New Trailer 2019

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