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‘The Last Door’ Kicks Off Its Spine-Chilling Second Season With The Playwright

the last door the playwright

Almost a month ago to date, The Game Kitchen released a playable teaser for The Last Door season 2, and now the real deal is here! As with most season premieres, this one also introduces new (playable) characters to further the story… as dark mysteries and evil plots unfold before your very eyes. And that’s all you’re getting about the actual chapter, because, well, spoilers suck.

For those not familiar with The Last Door, it’s a horror tale set in Victorian England, where the protagonist – Jeremiah Devitt – suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend. While the events that follow are definitely not for the faint of heart, they do make for an interesting point ‘n click adventure, complete with haunting music and pixellated visuals. Interesting and spine-chilling.

Now, on top of continuing the saga, this fifth chapter also brings along technical improvements (even if they aren’t all “new”), as the series has long since been ported from Flash to Unity. This engine change has also enabled The Game Kitchen to create downloadable versions of each chapter, which I certainly prefer over playing in a browser. Both work just fine though.

Speaking of which, the release of The Playwright means that the entire first season is playable for free, on the official website. Talk about an extended demo, eh? That said, those looking for the full experience (with remastered audio/graphics, more puzzles etc.), and/or feel like supporting its creator, would do well to spend $10 on The Last Door – Collector’s Edition instead though. Just saying.

We believe in making our games available to everyone and that’s the reason why the game series is eventually free to play. But regrettably, we need to eat every day and that’s what we ask your donations for, to actually keep making more episodes and make a living out of our passion. Not profits at all.

In order to access The Playwright (The Last Door chapter 5), you’ll have to donate at least €1 (~$1.23) and at the same time, help fund development of future chapters. Or you could go all in, spend €15 (~$18.74) and get access to all chapters at launch, along with beta testing, should you desire to assist in the squashing of bugs. Nasty bugs.

The Last Door – Season Two