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‘Sunless Skies’ Update Brings Changes to Transform Its First Region With a Release Date

It's been a long time since The Reach was brought to Sunless Skies, being its very first region and all, so needless to say, an overhaul of sorts is kinda overdue. Which is exactly what this very update brings, and with it, a release date (or rather, "this is when the game will leave Early Access"). A lengthy journey is finally almost over... at which point the post-launch craze can begin!
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‘Sunless Skies’ Sailing Towards September Launch, Albion Region Coming Soon

Every so often, I find myself wishing our world had progressed like the one in Sunless Skies (successor to 2015's Sunless Sea). The prospect of commandeering a "spacefaring locomotive", only limited by courage - and a few other things, I suppose - is undeniably enticing, after all. Even more so with the upcoming geographical addition, Albion, giving players new territory to explore in their unorthodox spaceship/locomotive.
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