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‘Snakeformer’ Impressions: Snake Goes 2D With Physics, Lava and Falling Blocks


Ain’t often we see a hybrid like this: the classic mobile game, Snake, with platforming elements, a puzzle-y level design and… hazards. Alas, during Ludum Dare 29, one such came to be, under the name Snakeformer. But that was then, this is now, and seven months later, a much improved post-jam version has seen the light of day. Groovy.

I know what you’re thinking: “look at those pixels! THOSE PIXELS!” – not gonna lie, those were slightly off-putting to me as well; although only at first. Once ya look past the blocky art style, you’ll find a bunch of treacherous mazelike areas, each of which features a surprising amount of brain-teasing fun. Dangerous ‘death comes at a moment’s notice’ fun, but fun nonetheless. Just remember: lava bad, green dots good, as the latter extends your snake, letting you travel further and cross wider gaps. Do watch out for falling blocks though. Trust me.

It’s a simple concept that’s easy to grasp, yet at the same time, one that makes for some rather tricky level design (as shown above). Reaching the exit – which is always placed conveniently to the right – quickly becomes a matter of planning ahead, making every move count, or… making friends with the restart key. See, chances are you’ll often find yourself stuck, unable to move any further, as without a way to twist and turn your head upwards, or to either side, it’s the end of the road. But careful planning, combined with a bit of trial and error, should do the trick.

Or maybe it won’t? Find out for yourself, in Snakeformer (Ludum Dare 29 original)!