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‘Shadow Depths’ Alpha Update Tweaks Levels and Adds Ending

Shadow Depths

Shadow Depths is a minimalistic 2D platformer with a old-school feel, both in terms of visuals and difficulty: One hit and you’re dead! There are plenty of ways to meet your untimely demise too, including the typical assortment of spikes, buzzsaws, arrow traps, falling platforms and more. Have fun making your way through these ancient dungeons where everything wants to kill you.

If you think that’s troublesome, then you’re not gonna like this next part: Your visibility is limited to a small area around your character, since everything further away is pitch black! So proceed with caution, or get used to seeing the quite nasty pixelated death animation.. What’s that, checkpoints? Sure, but good luck reaching one without dying in the process!

Even though the latest update adds an actual ending, there’s more to do than simply finish the game if you fancy unlocking achievements and finding ‘collectibles’. What I mean by ‘collectibles’.. well, play the game to find out. And while there’s plenty of challenge in Shadow Depths, let’s face it – isn’t that exactly what a lot of us seek from games these days?

If you feel like doing some dungeon delving, the game can be picked up from Desura, where it’s enjoying a 50% discount (€1.99/$2.59) until November 25.