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Looks Like Röki Will be a Spine-Chilling Adventure… In More Ways Than One

With a family in trouble and monsters that defies logic by simply existing, Tove sure has her work cut out for her in Röki. Oh, and just in case the mere thought of monsters aren’t enough to send a chill down your spine, the sub-zero climate should most certainly take care of that. So be sure to bring warm clothes before embarking on this adventure!

Warm clothes and as much courage as you can muster, for if the reveal trailer is any indication, this adventure is not for the faint of heart. There’ll be mountains to climb, pits to leap across, where a single misstep will plunge you into the icy depths, and… things that go bump in the night (read: forest). On top of that, for some reason Polygon Treehouse, developer of Röki, saw it necessary to emphasize the following: “DON’T LET THE BAD GUYS WIN.”

Not quite sure what that is about, aside from the obvious, bad guys being bad and all. Is it referring to the aforementioned monsters, or perhaps something even more sinister? At this point, I’d wager only the team working on this rather stylish point ‘n click adventure knows, although the rest of the world will be able to find out in 2018. Unless of course, they decide to spill the beans as development progresses, over on the blog? I for one wouldn’t mind more details on this one at least, because 2018 is just so far away, ya know?


Röki – Announce Trailer

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