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Endless Flier ‘Race The Sun’ Drops Price Tag For a Day to Celebrate DLC and iOS Release

Race The Sun

No matter what you do, the sun will set. There’s no stopping it, but you can delay the process ever so slightly by picking up energy boosts and going fast. Really fast. There’s no way to learn the lay of the land though, as the level is procedurally generated on a daily basis, frequently forcing players into unknown territory (uh-oh). That said, as long as you don’t slow down, stay in the light and avoid crashing, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to… Race The Sun!

Even though it’s almost two years old now, I’d still say this game is among the best in the endless genre; even on mobile, and that’s definitely saying something. The concept is simple enough to grasp, yet quite addictive: navigate left and right with the odd jump (once unlocked) thrown in for good measure, avoiding obstacles as you go along, hitting crazy speeds, grabbing energy boosts and other fun things along the way, until you crash. Then you do it all over again, because maybe you’ll do better this time, or perhaps you’ve actually come up with a strategy that just might let ya to beat one of those darn challenges.

See, remember that bit about jumping? Yeah, not gonna happen until you’ve reached level 4, and then at 5, your first ship upgrade is acquired, at which point you’ll be able to start customizing your aircraft, with many more fun things being added as you go along… leveling. Oh and don’t worry – there’s no XP grind or other such silly nonsense here. Instead, you’re presented with three (random?) challenges at a time, each generating a set amount towards your next level upon completion.

Race The Sun (Sunrise DLC)

Since its initial release back in 2013, the game has received a fair amount of post-launch additions, including Steam Workshop integration and proper controller support, both of which are great for sure, but how about… a first-person mode, available at the press of a button? Or the ability to literally race past your friends’ records as you go along? Yup, good stuff. Also, while not free, there’s a brand new DLC called Sunrise ($1.99), which changes the entire game, replacing its frantic pace with a more zen-like experience. Very groovy.

Oh and we mustn’t forget about the recent iOS (iPhone and iPad) port, although you will need iOS 8 or later, as well as an iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini or newer. So do keep that in mind, as I’m sure some of you – like myself – are still using an older device. Could always grab the desktop version of course, as that’ll run on just about any setup, ya know? So go Race The Sun – that 100% celebration discount (on Steam) won’t last much longer!

Race The Sun is available from Steam, GOG.com, Humble (Windows, OS X, Linux) $9.99 and iTunes (iPhone, iPad) $4.99

Race The Sun Launch Trailer

Sunrise – DLC For Race the Sun