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‘Miopia’ Impressions: Continuously Devour Organisms Smaller Than Yourself For Growth Spurts


Once upon a time, there was a tiny blob. Quite tiny, as a matter of fact. But then one day, he got the munchies and found himself growing rapidly, as smaller organisms were rapidly devoured. One after another, it became a full-blown addiction! The world was his buffet; always someone to munch on, always someone smaller. Nom nom nom.

Suffice to say, if you’ve ever played Katamari Damacy (or any of its sequels), Miopia is going to feel quite familiar. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, seeing how the classic ‘devour to grow’ mechanic has definitely retained most of its entertainment value, during the transition to 2D. That said, the pace does seem a tad slower than that of the aforementioned PlayStation 2 title, which some may find off-putting. On the flip side, the time limit has been replaced by a healthbar of sorts, counting three hits before it’s game over. Probably why the whole experience has a more relaxed feel to it?

Whatever the reason, there is fun times to be had here, although floating around as this tiny blob isn’t immediately exciting. Once you’ve gobbled up a bunch however, everything changes, and the entire world shrinks, enabling you to consume once larger organisms. To progress, you’ll need to gain enough mass so even the ‘guardians’ that stand between you and the next area are… up for grabs. Oh and be sure to eat as much as possible before leaving, to get a head start on what lies ahead. Size does matter in some cases – this is one of them.

Miopia is different every time you play it. If you want to, and you’re good enough, you can play it forever. See if you can grow until your size is measured in kilometers!

While the growth spurts are fun, you’d do well to keep an eye out for “yellow nutrients”, as – according to its creator – these are part of a process which lets you ‘evolve’. While I did collect plenty (11), unfortunately, I managed to get stuck before reaching that stage; wedged myself between two walls but good, ending my adventure right then and there.


Not that it mattered a whole lot, as a couple of huge organisms in the current area had their minds set on being bullies, pinballing me between two pairs of claws, almost resulting in the death of Miopia‘s nameless protagonist in mere seconds. A short-lived victory that one, as that what lied ahead resulted in a fate worse than death: permanent entrapment. Poor not-so-tiny-anymore 125m large blob.

That one potential issue aside, chances are you’ll have no problem surpassing my massive (get it?) 125m record – might even evolve, gain some cool abilities? In fact, let’s test that theory: Miopia links (downloadable and browser) can be found on its 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest page. Have fun!

miopia gameplay video