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Might and Delight’s Meadow Asks You to Unleash Your Favorite Shelter Animal… Online


With no less than three games (Shelter, Shelter 2, Paws: A Shelter 2 Game) set in the Shelter universe, you’d think, surely Might & Delight couldn’t tell another story there, right? Well, you’d be partially right, since Meadow… is an online sandbox title! No really, or as the developer puts it, “frolic freely in the lush fields”. Groovy.

That said, it’ll still be a genuine Shelter experience with vast, open areas to explore, covering both land, water and air (fly, birdie, fly?), as your finely tuned senses are used to track the location of other players. To form alliances that is, provided you’re able to master the art of communicating via. emotes, symbols and sound, rather than words. Because even though Disney would have us believe otherwise, animals communicate differently from humans.

Band together with other animals, form uneasy allies or choose to explore alone. Whatever you decide, the open park life is one you will want to immerse yourself in.

As for exactly who or what you’ll be playing as, well, that depends on which Shelter – and related – titles you own, each unlocking additional in-game content. Not a bad way to (re)market their other / older games, giving long-term fans a little extra in the process. Unfortunately, we won’t get to live the life of a lynx, cub or any of the other Shelter animals in Meadow, until October 26th. But hey, patience, virtue and so on, with a little Steam for good measure.

Meadow Announce Trailer

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