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‘Tis the Season: MAGS December’s “Christmas” Theme is Rather Festive (and Timely)


While everyone’s likely busy shopping for Christmas – or will be, soon enough! – don’t even think about ignoring this month’s MAGS, as it is very much in that same spirit. What? No, not shopping – Christmas! ‘Tis the season, holy night, Santa kissing someone’s mom, and so on. That said, MAGS December won’t end until the 31st, in spite of its theme kinda saying otherwise. Weird stuff.

But… all that’s just for MAGS December. What about MAGS November? It did yield many an odd scared crows after all – and games too! So get to clicking and playing and… pointing? Maybe not in that order.

Scarecrow and his Quest to Find a Brain (by Slasher)
“Why are you looking so glum, Mr, Scarecrow?”
“I’m fed up! People don’t take me seriously.”
“They ignore me and think I’m just a stoopid, old scarecrow.”
“I could while away the hours”
“Conferrin’ with the flowers,”
“If I only had a brain.”
“I don’t think you’re stupid, Mr. Scarecrow.”
“Ah, you are just trying to be nice to me, Miss Dorothy.”
“No. if I had a brain I could be a someone.”
“Someone who is admired, respected.”
“A poet or an artist, maybe?”
Meet familiar characters as you follow the yellow brick road.

Black Friday (by Danzware)
Somewhere in Maine, five teenagers decided to spend the night at a farm. To goof off and have fun, as teenagers do. But little do they know that they’re being watched by an evil entity intent on doing them harm.
Soon they find themselves being killed off, one by one. Will any of them survive?

Blooded Fields (by Nr. 2698)
There’s been a murder in Beckenshire, and you’ve been called in to solve it.
Hunt down clues, interrogate witnesses and suspects, and form a theory as to who is the murderer, in this point and click adventure with a gameboy-themed palette.

The Strawman Augment (by Durinde)
“While on a relaxing cruise of the galaxy, you break down on a backwater world. To repair your ship, you will have to use a nanomachine controlled body to explore the world and gather the materials needed to leave this backwater dirtball.”

Strawman Bombing Disposal (by Mandle)
You are crossing a Washington D.C. road when a truck pulls away revealing something shocking.

Sniper and Spotter Climbing a Tower (by Blondbraid)
Olga and Ivan go out on a sniping mission, but little do they know of what they’ll find.

The Wicked Witch of the West (by Cleanic)
Finished! Puzzles are quite linear but oh well, this has been good practice