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New Month, New Games: October Expands On-Demand Platform Jump’s Library

For some reason, it feels like Jump launched mere weeks ago. Oh wait, that’s because it did! And yet here we are, the lovely people behind said on-demand gaming platform already expanding with more games! The total is now, far as I can tell, a whoopin’ 65, and later this month – once Snapshot joins the fray – it will be 66. That’s a lot of games for $9.99/month. Groovy stuff. But what was that about new additions?

As indicated by this tweet (and video waaaaay below all this text), we can look forward to… deep breath… TypomanGreen Game: TimeSwapperCard City NightsSnapshot (soon™)DOG GONE GOLFING and Sunset. Phew. A list of good stuff if I ever saw one – Typoman and DOG GONE GOLFING in particularBut that’s the thing about Jump: you’re paying for access to every single game at once, including ones that haven’t been added yet.

Oh, and there’s a 14-day trial for those simply curious about Jump. So what are you waiting for? No really, why are you still reading this? There are games to play!

Jump 180 – a 3-Minute Look at the New Games for Oct 2017

Watch this video on YouTube.