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This Week, Humble Bundles Games Made In Japan

Humble Weekly: Made In Japan

It’s been almost six months since Groupees last put up one of their awesome doujin bundles, so the latest weekly from Humble couldn’t have come at a better time. Packing everything from crazy comical adventures to side-scrolling action, a fast-paced SHMUP collection and more good stuff, this one’s definitely… made in Japan!


Cherry Tree High Complete Pack (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
Comedy fanatic and high school student Mairu Hibisu has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Chitose Karasuyama, isn’t about to make things easy. The school rules require a minimum of five students to set up a new club and Mairu is three people short! Spring break has just started and Mairu has until the end of April to recruit the three new members she needs to start the club, or Chitose will have the last laugh!

Fairy Bloom Freesia

Fairy Bloom Freesia (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
Once upon a time, in a forest called Lita, there lived a fairy whose role was to protect the trees of the forest from the monsters and humans who would try to steal the spirit stones that provide the forest’s life energy. Her name was Freesia and her kung fu was very, very strong.


Influent + Language Pack (Windows, Mac, Linux – Steam, DRM-free)
Influent is a language learning game focusing primarily on vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation. Greatly inspired by Dreamcast titles Shenmue and Toy Commander, Influent immerses players in a sandbox environment where every object in the game is both selectable and learnable, thus giving players the freedom to choose what they want to learn at their leisure.


Magical Battle Festa

Magical Battle Festa (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
In the near future, humanity has discovered a new element in their search for renewable energy: Magicore. Using “cauldrons” to refine the element, humans successfully create magic, and mages are born. All is not well, though. As magic becomes more widespread, new creatures dubbed “spectres” begin to appear. In hopes of training mages to fight spectres and form an army of Holy Mages, TEOS, the ruling magic agency, hosts a high stakes tournament: The Magical Battle Festa.


Revolver 360 Re:Actor (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
In this long-awaited shooter from action masters Cross Eaglet, enemies are not just right in front of you… they’re all around you! Using a unique rotating perspective mechanic, players can bring enemies and items into view, putting the odds in their favor in an otherwise impossible situation.


The Tale of ALLTYNEX (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
The Tale of ALLTYNEX is a trilogy of arcade shooting games, created for the PC (Windows) by Japanese indie developer SITER SKAIN. All three games in the series are legends in shooting game communities, both in Japan and overseas.


Rime Berta

Rime Berta (Windows – Steam, DRM-free)
Welcome to the world of Rime Berta: a whimsical world of swords & sorcery and tactical combat. Combat an adorable but deadly army of sentient “puppets” on a quest to claim an artifact said to grant any wish. Craft your team the way you want, draft each into a class that fits your army, and control the battlefield to attain victory.

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming (Windows – Steam)
The world’s speediest homage/roast to JRPGs! Can you save the world in 30 seconds? Get a quest, find those in need, fight through dungeons, earn cash, get cool loot, and level up until YOU>EVIL. Don’t have enough time? Pay the Goddess to reset the clock and try again! Over 100 mini-JRPGs for you to test your might with!

You have 6 days and 12 hours to grab a copy of Humble Weekly: Made In Japan, after which it’ll be gone… forever!