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Hue Shapes a Contrasted Platforming Through Color(ful) Manipulation


Who needs coins, blocks, and annoying goombas when a world exists in which the changing of color actually shapes your surroundings? Yeah. Much cooler. I think so too, and that’s exactly what Hue brings to the table: platforming defined by… color. Just the background, though. So don’t expect something totally craz– actually, expect crazy. Colorful craziness. The best kind.

Stuck? Pop the Wheel of Fortune Color and remove whatever obstacle lies in your path by changing the background to a new color. Nice and simple – at first. Then you gotta think on your feet to avoid getting squashed, solving all kinds of crazy puzzles as you go along, trying your best just to stay alive in this silhouetted world.

“Since the beginning we have pointed to the sky and declared it blue. It is this shared vision, this unquestioned understanding which connects us. But are you really seeing blue the same way I see it?”

One in which, somewhere, somehow, your mother resides. Needless to say, you’re on a quest to find her. Won’t be easy, but at least you’ll be accompanied by a groovy soundtrack and a lovely art style as you go along, flipping from blue to red to green and… well, you get the gist. By the power of rainbow!

Hue is available from Steam, at $14.99.

Hue – Coming Soon Trailer | PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One & PC

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