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Platforming in ‘Hoppy Shots’ Gives New Meaning to Bullet Jumping

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Unless you’re playing Hoppy Shots, in which guns are… a means of transportation. Oh but they do still kill, so don’t get hit by bullets. Jump on them instead, and you’ll experience something truly magical.

Okay so maybe ‘magical’ is a bit of a stretch, although bullets do have quite the unique purpose in this game: they’re platforms! Moving ones at that, travelling along a fixed path from their point of origin, disappearing upon colliding with something solid (ie. a wall). Quite the strange concept, but at the same time, one that makes for a rather interesting platforming experience.

Early on you’re limited to stationary ‘platform generators’ (read: guns) for traversing the environment though, but it’s not long before you get your very own, at which point ammunition management also becomes an important factor. See, you can’t simply go blasting like the protagonist of a western movie, bullets seemingly infinite. Or I suppose you could, but then you’d be stuck. Completely. No way to cross that gap ahead and no way to restock.

This also made me aware of something I’m truly hoping is just a bug: seeing how dying puts you at the beginning of the current level, you’d think ammunition would be replenished, right? No. Whatever you had at the time of death is what you respawn with, which makes the fact that you respawn at all a tad puzzling. But like I said, chances are it’s a bug that will hopefully be fixed at some point, for as it stands, this is… a bit of an issue. Aside from that, fun little ‘platform shooter’, this Hoppy Shots.

Hoppy Shots is available from itch.io, carrying a $0 price tag.