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‘Hextraction’ Kickstarter: Strip Planets of Their Resources For Profit and Glory


Time to play the bad guy! Hextraction literally lets you strip entire planets of their resources without a care for their inhabitants. Too evil? Well, tasked with recovery of phantom energy from a hostile location, needless to say, you really can’t afford to play the diplomat card. Every advantage is vital, because… once a crew member dies, he/she is gone forever. No second chances. War truly is hell.

A strange mix of RPG and RTS is brought to the table with this one. Might work, might not. Hard to tell since the game isn’t out yet, but there’s definitely potential for fun times and I do enjoy being in charge of a squad/crew. Needless to say, picking the right men (or women) for the job is important, as each comes with his/her own specific strengths and weaknesses. Deciding which corporation to support is not to be underestimated though, as these determine which upgrades you’ll have access to, among other things. Choose wisely.

Nobody said you had to play nice… sorry aliens, but this is our rock now and you’re getting in the way of our rockets.

Ah, rockets. So much fun. So much carnage. Anyway, completing mission after mission is the best way to tip the odds in your favor, as it lets you improve/upgrade the many aspects of your crew, enabling them to venture into more dangerous territories and face greater challenges than ever before. You won’t know what to expect upon traversing each uncharted planet either, because, well, procedural generation. Oh and there are also crazy out-of-the-blue ‘events’ that must be dealt with before proceeding. Fun, eh?


There’s so much more to Hextraction than that which I’ve shared in this article, as indicated by a rather wordy Kickstarter page. Oh and speaking of, with 22 days to go and $6,317 of $75,000 (CAD, not USD) raised, they could use every bit of help you might be willing to offer, really. Pledge to their cause, offer feedback or, heck, I’m sure spreading the word will be appreciated too! After all, if no one knows about a crowdfunding campaign, how can it be expected to succeed?

As far as tiers go, those interested in pledging more than a few bucks could opt for the $15 pre-order tier, or go $5 higher to add beta access. Or maybe you’ve got crazy deep pockets? Spending a full $1,000 gets you an invite to the private launch party, on top of becoming a crew member; your likeness anyway, with a brief backstory and his/her stats. It may sound like a lot of money, but believe it or not, at the time of writing, someone’s actually gone for that one!

ComboMash Entertainment Inc. is aiming for a December 1st, 2014 launch of Hextraction, on Windows, Mac, Linux and OUYA. But for now, what say we get it kickstarted and greenlit?