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Recent Greenlight Limbo Escapees Include Bloop, Coated, Hyphen

greenlight limbo escapees jan-01-2015

While most people were undeniably busy unwrapping presents, eating delicious food and/or enjoying the company of loved ones during the holidays, Valve were busy picking games to push through Greenlight. Oh and not just that, but a grand total of ten Greenlight Limbo picks actually made it through recently (hence this groovy article).

Amongst them we find titles both readily available, some of which I’ve even reviewed, and of course, yet-to-be-released ones. Unhack (review), You Are Not A Banana: Chapter 1 (review) and Hyphen, for example, are all ready to be picked up and enjoyed, while the likes of Super Roman Conquest and Memories aren’t – not yet anyway.

But since I’m sure that you’re more interested in finding out exactly which titles that’s heading for Valve’s digital store in the near future than me showing off my writings, the lot has been listed below, with links where appropriate.


Unhack (@InvertMouse) – Greenlight
Unhack is an action puzzle x visual novel title featuring a story about greed and self acceptance. The 5K Worm is corrupting the digital world. Battle the virus and discover who is behind these crimes. Meet ally and enemy AI throughout this ten episode journey.


Bloop – Greenlight
Liquid chemistry has never been so much fun! Ignite your imagination with a whimsical 2D liquid physics-based puzzle game by Studio 2SD. Experiment with valves of colorful liquid, create and move objects to transfer the substances to their designated beakers. Use quick reflexes, problem solving skills and imagination to conquer each of the challenging puzzles, all in the name of science.


Memories (@route_28) – Greenlight
As John, you travel through other people’s minds to discover secrets. Thanks to a mysterious ability, John can reenact a person’s memories and uncover truths that may have been unknowingly recorded by their subconsciousness mind. But to trigger memories and therefore find clues, you must interact with objects using all of your five senses – hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste (yes, even taste). With some help from your partner Jeannette, you guide John through his work day. Will you be able to uncover John’s troubled and forgotten past? As you extract memories, do you risk losing your own?


Coated (@coatedGame) – Greenlight
Coated is a puzzle game. Where you play as an alien in a different world. You coat your self with colors to escape and hide from enemies. You can navigate through the levels by going back and forth to solve your current puzzle. the game directed to adults who now about colors. And directed to children who willing to learn colors. It is a game, adventure, experience and lesson.

Super Roman Conquest

Super Roman Conquest (@SC_Interactive) – Greenlight
Super Roman Conquest is a side-scrolling strategy game that gives you full control of your troops within a multi-layered, 3D landscape. Developed by veterans of LucasArts, SRC blends our formative PC-gaming past with modern RTS design elements and a deep Campaign Mode progression.

Hyphen (full)

Hyphen (@FarspaceStudios) – Greenlight
Navigate a rotating stick through intricate and fiendish neon mazes while trying to avoid the walls and obstacles. Although it sounds extremely simple, it’s fun and infuriatingly challenging at the same time – you’ll have to muster up every ounce of your inner strength to not rage quit! Complete with an awesome soundtrack and gorgeous glowing visuals this game will blow your mind in more ways than one.

You Are Not A Banana Chapter 1

You Are Not A Banana: Chapter 1Greenlight
You Are Not A Banana is set in everyday life and has a sprinkle of imagination and humor. The music, sound effects, visuals and gameplay seek to evoke nostalgia for the 80s and 90s. The story unfolds as a sequence of thought provoking events but I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

Hyper Gauntlet - Legacy of Nozzlethruster III beta

Hyper Gauntlet: Legacy of Nozzlethruster III (@UdellGames) – Greenlight
Enter the Hyper Gauntlet, an adrenaline infused manic dodge-em-up arena of high-speed obstacles and twitch reaction. Hurtle ever forwards through gaps between blue and red obstacles. With each obstacle passed your score increases, but so does your speed! Use the tactical slow motion to postpone the inevitable and rack up the high score.

The Grave Digger (GL)

The Grave Digger (@HomeGroanGames) – Greenlight
Take control of shovel-master Fagus the grave robber extraordinaire in this third person stealth action-adventure. It’s a curious blend of whimsical English comedy and grim Dickensian horror made by a two-man team dedicated to fun, addictive gameplay.

Six Sides of the World

Six Sides of the World (@Cybernetikdsgn) – Greenlight
Six Sides of the World is an Adventure – 3D Puzzle – Maze game in which you will have to use your logic, memory and spatial orientation to solve each of the challenges presented in the form of cube-shaped planetary systems.

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