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Quite a Mixed Bag of Greenlight Escapees This Time


Remember what happened approximately two weeks ago? Of course ya do: Valve pushed seventy-five titles through Greenlight… and now they’re at it again! Same number, lots of games, mixed batch, variety’s the spice of Greenlight. Or is it?

Well, holy crap. No really: holy crap. I’m sorry, but who the heck voted for some of these? As someone’s already pointed out in the comments of the announcement post, a few of them are barely games! Man, I don’t even know anymore. Right. Anyway, all this negativity really won’t do, and there is reason for celebration after all, seeing how the futuristic racer, Futuridium EP, has finally escaped Greenlight Limbo. Woo! Let’s hope it won’t be a year and change before the rest also accomplish that goal, eh?

Anyway, while a Greenlight batch of this scope is – as always – a joyous occasion, needless to say, there are still plenty which didn’t make it… again. Amongst them are my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo picks; titles I’d really like to see on Steam. So do check those out, prior to browsing the list of 75. Remember, your vote matters, and as always, the list below consists of my ‘keep an eye on these’ recommendations.