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Another Greenlight Jailbreak Reported, Fifty Escaped


At this rate, surely there can’t be many worthwhile games left on Greenlight? Oh wait, it also plays host to software and mods. Right. Anyway, another fifty. Loving those numbers, and man is this batch ever full of good stuff.

Well darn. I do believe Matador just did something no game has ever done before, as it got through Greenlight in less than 24 hours. I kid ye not: submitted on the fourth, greenlit on the fifth. Wow. It does look impressive though, but man, that’s beyond crazy. Anyway, it was after all joined by 42 other games (not counting mods or software), and instead of listing the lot, I’ve once again taken the liberty of linking my ten favorites at the bottom of this article.

But we mustn’t forget that there a large amount of games are still on Greenlight, trying to rack up enough votes to get through. Remember Stuck In Greenlight Limbo? None made it through this time. None. Cue sad panda. So eh… what say you check out the rest before browsing the list of 50. Pretty please? You know you want to.