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Full Steam Ahead For The Greenlight Train, Carrying Seventy-Five Passengers


Doubt anyone’s surprised to see this, given the – by now – obvious bi-weekly greenlighting schedule. That’s not a bad thing by any stretch though, as I’m sure those who made it through this time would also say. As far as its contents go, well, let’s just say more than a few are no longer Stuck In Greenlight Limbo! Also, 75 is such a nice number, so… woo? Definitely woo!

Wow. Chester United, Cute Things Dying Violently, Dark Scavenger, Pivvot and Qasir al-Wasat: A Night in-Between all managed to escape Greenlight limbo in the same batch! The system works! THE SYSTEM WORKS! Oh right: as always, my ‘keep an eye on these’ recommendations have been listed at the bottom of this article. With this large a batch, sorting through what may or may not be interesting ain’t easy, after all.

But while a Greenlight batch of this scope – like the previous – is in fact a joyous occasion, we mustn’t forget about the vast amount of games that didn’t make it… again. Come to think of it, why not pay a visit to my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo picks? They’re titles I’d really like to see on Steam for several reasons, including additional exposure. So do check those out, prior to browsing the list of 75. Remember, your vote matters!