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Open Source Game Engine Godot Updated to 3.1 With Lots of Groovy New Things

I love open source. There, I said it. Not like it’s an unpopular opinion or anything of the sort, but it does tie nicely into what this article is all about: the release of Godot’s 3.1 update, improving an already lovely game engine. On top of that, the entire thing is both free and open source. Download, install and you’re good to go.

A quick glance at the changelog tells me one thing: it’s all about skeletons and (rag)dolls. Seriously though, for a .1 update, this one sure packs a punch in terms of what’s changed, fixed, removed, and so on. The 2D editor has been heavily modified (ie. revamped), the tileset editor saw major improvements, filesystem dock’s been rewritten… and so on.

Actually, I’m not quite sure what it all means, so I’d best redirect your attention to the changelog (and of course, the lovely video, as embedded below) instead of trying to talk tech. It’s a big one after all, and chances are you’ll make more sense of it than me.

Godot is available for free, open sourced under the MIT license.

New Features in Godot Engine 3.1 – Release Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.