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Be the Bard: Get Ready to Spread Word of Heroes’ Heroic Heroics In ‘Forever and Ever’

When all is said and done, whichever princess managed to get herself kidnapped this time or evil demon showed up at the wrong time… who do we turn to? I mean, besides the heroes. Who indeed, but the mighty bard, chronicler of grand heroics and all such things, helping ensure we never forget about those who helped usher in a new era of peace. Or something along those lines. Oh, and you get to play as one of those guys in Forever and Ever! Groovy, ain’t it?

While, at first glance, this may not seem like the coolest protagonist ever, in The Passages it most certainly is. Kinda. See, here, “the laws of narrative are akin to the laws of the natural world” – in other words, becoming immortalized through the lyrics of a bard actually means something. Aside from being pretty darn cool, that is.

But such a weapon, while undeniably mighty powerful, is useless without, you know, heroes to perform heroics deed, enabling you to tell their tales, changing the fate of entire countries. More or less. As such, you’ll have to visit various inns along the way, deciding who to recruit and who to leave behind, based on a rather basic criteria: “will this character benefit my current party in any way?”. If not, eh, leave him/her be and go find someone else. Your adventure, your tales of greatness – even if other are performing the heroic deeds, not you – your choice of, well, would-be heroes.

That said, Forever and Ever having only just been announced/revealed, I do not yet know exactly what said party will be facing, or why. What I do however know is that it will be a heavily strategical affair, one of the turn-based variety, featuring death from which one or more characters may not return. Which would be a darn shame, seeing how they all seem to sparkle with personality and charms. Some more than other, of course, but even the meanest, grumpiest old mage might burst into laughter, given the chance. Maybe.

Now, as for when we can expect to become the piano bard (that should totally be a thing!), in Forever and Ever… well, 2018 it seems, at the time of writing. So patience, virtue, and all that boring stuff.

(Source: Announcing Our Next Title: Forever and Ever)