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Five Great Adventures For Less Than a Buck: Bundle In A Box

It’s no secret that I’m quite the adventure game fan and about 9 days ago the second bundle that focused entirely on this particular genre launched in the form of Bundle In A Box. The first one, to my knowledge, being the free The Oceanhumble Dennisbundle over on The AGS blog.

I’m aware that writing about it at launch instead would have made more sense, but the delay is not by choice. I did want to do a brief piece on it 9 days ago when it went live, and if it wasn’t for the annoying flu that decided to visit I would have been able to do so too. But now I’m putting it in the spotlight to hopefully spread awareness, even if it’s a bit late since it ends in 4 days. Also, the minimum price has been lowered to an astonishing $0.99, which is yet another reason for me to post about it! For those curious, here’s a list of the contents with links to the official website for each game (I know, I’m so very helpful):

In order to get the two extra games however, you’re gonna have to pay more than the average price, but even if all you can spare is 1 cent short of a buck you’ll still get five great games. If you were to pick these up from directly from the developers it would cost around $20 for Gemini Rue and The Shivah alone, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how amazing this deal is; especially if you cough up more than the average in order to get them all.

Bundle In A Box feature listDid I mention that the bundle supports charity? The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family is quite a mouthful, but since I mentioned a little thing about bundles and charity in another bundle post way back, figured I’d point that out. On top of that, all the games are DRM-free even though some do have optional Steam activation and last but certainly not least, how about the Indie Dev Grant?

Now this would usually be where I direct you to my writings about one or more of these games, but this time I’m going to recommend the website that a friend of mine has been running for a while now, which puts quite a bit of focus on bundle reviews: The Backlog Journey and his post on this one can be found here.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll get this much adventure gaming goodness for this low a price again anytime soon, so I’d head on over to the Bundle In A Box website if I were you and pick up this bundle!