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‘Finding Paradise’ (aka. ‘To the Moon 2’) Is Almost Upon Us – Manly Tears Will be Shed

Little over six years ago, developer Freebird Games made players everywhere – myself included – shed tears in front of their computers, upon experiencing To the Moon‘s deeply emotional story. Although while undeniably depressing, it was also one helluva journey. One I shall not spoil here, in spite of the game’s age, and one that is set to soon continue in Finding Paradise (aka. To the Moon 2). A sequel full of wish-fulfillment… kinda.

See, like in To the Moon, its sequel has you playing the part of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts who, well, specializes in enabling patients on their deathbed to live out their greatest wish – perhaps something they didn’t manage to accomplish before the end came knocking. Now, in case you’re wondering why such a luxurious thing is limited to those about to leave our world behind, there’s a good reason for that: the severity of the operation means they won’t be coming back from this little adventure inside their own heads. As such, at least they’ll fade on a happy note/memory. I think? They should at least. In theory.

Either way, it’s what our two protagonist doctors are all about, and their latest patient, Colin, just might provide their greatest challenge yet with… well, ‘a wish that appears to be self-contradictory by nature’. Sounds like an enjoyable little mystery to me. Just wish more details were available, as that quote is pretty much all we have to go by at the time of writing. But hey, at least the release of Finding Paradise is right around the corner – long before Christmas, even!

Finding Paradise (OST) will be available from Steam, GOG.com and Humble Store (links will be added upon availability) on December 14, 2017.

To the Moon 2 – Trailer