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Brawl Your Way Through a Multi-Dimensional High School In ‘Super Daryl Deluxe’… Soon!

Were I to describe Super Daryl Deluxe in a word, it would be ‘weird’, although I do mean that in the most positive way as this is how everyone should get to experience high school. Well, save for the fact that trouble is virtually everywhere, from class rooms to the teacher’s lounge and beyond. Even so, that’s the situation Daryl will have to deal with, assisted – for the most part – only by a rather odd self-help book. One which… kinda… gives him extraordinary powers! YEAH!

Now, having never attended high school myself, I can neither confirm nor deny the normalcy of what takes place in this here game. I have a strong suspicion regarding about 83% of the events, but that’s it. Seriously though, Daryl, otherworldly book and all, has his work cut out for him. Which is a darn shame, seeing how all he wanted was to make friends and, you know, enjoy high school, as it were. Kinda hard to make friends there when students have gone missing though; so better get to work, kicking ass and taking names.

Daryl Whitelaw is the new kid at Water Falls High School, the perfectly normal multidimensional high school where every classroom is an alternate world matching the class subject.

Among other crazy things in this guy’s arsenal, there’s the ability to ‘shoot baddies with rubber ducky arrows and flatten them with a rhino hammer’, because why not? It’s a video game! Things don’t have to make sense, so long as they work (and have at least some kind of explanation attached), ya know?

That said, according to the press release, none of the fancy upgrades/abilities Super Daryl Deluxe‘s protagonist will be able to acquire are going to make him ‘the coolest dude in school’, but they should still help tilt the odds ever so slightly in his favor. In theory. This is after all still high school, messed up/hazardous locale and all. So… good luck with that, Daryl!

Super Daryl Deluxe will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam, come Spring 2018.

Super Daryl Deluxe – Announcement Trailer

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