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Expedite the Hectic Process of Luggage Sorting In ‘Crazy Belts’

Crazy Belts

Flying is relatively safe and luggage is handled with utmost care, right? Well, according to the creator of Crazy Belts, nothing could be further from the truth. Bags are mishandled all the time, and it’s your job to sort this mess out; if you can handle it.

Have to admit, I’m rather disturbed by how bags are tossed around in this game. Definitely wouldn’t trust these airports with anything valuable. They simply dump them onto slides, conveyor belts, gears, and other objects, tasking you with making sure they slide into matching colored tubes. It may seem like a simple affair, but the inclusion of things like electric rays (today’s special: deep fried handbag) and a time limit, does add to the challenge.

Did you know more than 25 millions bags are mishandled in airports across the world every year?

See that number? Please don’t add to it. Doesn’t matter how much you feel like wiping that goofy grin off the brown handbag or if you dislike guitars. You’re dealing with other peoples property here, and they’ll sue if it’s mistreated. Feel free to toss that mean looking gray thing out the window first chance you get, though! What? Oh. Right, can’t do that in Crazy Belts. Well, it’s probably a bad idea anyway, as it’d ruin your shot at ranking on the leaderboard.

Crazy Belts is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from Desura, with Android, iOS and Ouya ports “coming soon”.

Crazy Belts Launch Trailer