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‘Equilinox’ Puts You in Charge of Entire Ecosystems, Evolving Animal and Plant Alike

Wielding the powers of a god, in charge of an entire world, creating and shaping everything, can be an amazing experience – in a video game that is. You know, like Populous let us experience back in the day? But that was then, this is now, and on top of looking incredibly stylish, recently released Equilinox lets you micromanage entire ecosystems, planting, (re)shaping and evolving however you see fit.

But before I get to the (micro)managing, do us both a favor and take another look at that screenshot atop this here article. Because my goodness, the art style in this game is something else; perfectly fitting for an experience like this too. An experience which lets you truly get creative with the world, ensuring that everything grows and thrives in it by placing various plants and animals… to then take care of and breed the lot. And evolve everything. Get truly exotic with your creations, like a mad scientist!

No, really: while Equilinox is primarily about maintaining a steady income (of points), as without a large pile of these, your options are somewhat limited, one must also keep the well-being of plant and animal alike in mind. Just like in the real world, no two are alike, life-cycle, behaviour and other things differing wildly from one species to another. As such, before you go creative-crazy, perhaps… a little planning would be in order. Just saying.

You create ecosystems by placing plants and animals into your world. Different plants will make the terrain more fertile allowing wildlife to flourish, while animals will begin to earn you points which can be used to purchase various in-game resources.

That all said, I have a feeling that as long as you’re doing something right somewhere, there’ll be a steady stream of points coming your way at all times. Could be wrong though. Maybe Equilinox is a much more harsh experience than the trailer below lets on? Only one way to find out, and I for one can not wait to do just that. So riddle me this, dear reader: are you a god?

Equilinox is available on Steam, with a $9.99 price tag.

Equilinox – Launch Trailer