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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Eagle Island

Eagle Island (GL)

Fame and fortune await Quill – accompanied by his loyal owl, Koji – in the world of Eagle Island. Provided he’s up to the challenge of the dangers that lurk on this lovely island of course, but you know what they say: if something’s easy, it ain’t worth doing! Oh, and in case the promise of glorious wealth and stardom isn’t your thing, how about embarking on this pixelated journey to save Ichiro, Quill’s brother, from the clutches of Armaura; who’s a deity, by the way. Oh boy.

Now, while Quill may not seem like one such, I have a feeling this particular protagonist is actually a bit of a pacifist. Or perhaps it’s just a case of laziness, as all attacks are performed by his owl? Either way, you’d do well to aim carefully, as missing an attack with Koji will leave Quill almost completely defenseless for a brief period (save for a well-timed dodge, perhaps). Also, be sure to lay the smackdown on enemies in rapid succession to rack up combos, increasing the rewards for kicking ass and taking names. Quite the little owl, that Koji, and it only gets more powerful once you’ve gained access to so-called ‘elemental powers’, as these will make for some genuinely… fowl play.

Shortly after beginning your adventure, you bump into Dr Oliver Ornis, world famous ornithologist. He instructs you to find and rescue the ancient Totems before the gargantuan diety, Armaura, captures them.

But enough about Quill’s feathery friend. An entire island awaits exploration, complete with secrets to discover, boss encounters to deal with, and perks to acquire (of which you can only carry a limited number). And since levels are procedurally generated, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter along the way or which path might be safest. Fight through it all, exploring every last nook and cranny in the hopes of something worthwhile, or simply make a mad dash to the boss, ignoring (most) potential hazards? Your choice. Just don’t forget that you’ll need a lot of power to save Ichiro…

That said, there’ll be no pinballing owls around to rack up combos or exploring any islands until the Kickstarter beast has been dealt with, and with $6,530 of $25,594 pledged… it’s still quite an uphill battle. One which we have but 24 days (May 16, 2017) to win, so by all means, do spread word of the Eagle Island Kickstarter, eh? Or perhaps spend a pretty penny to support it directly? As far as the game hitting digital store shelves goes, the current window is July 2018, at £10 (~$12.40/~€11.70) for Windows, OS X and Linux. Groovy.

Eagle Island Kickstarter

Eagle Island Trailer

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