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Dungeon Defenders II’s Latest Hero Just Wants to Watch the World Burn

Dungeon Defenders II - Herald of Embermount

Dungeon Defenders II sure has come a long way from its early less-than-exciting humble beginnings as a premium title, now F2P, and I have a feeling Trendy is just getting started. I mean, their 2016 roadmap still hasn’t been fully implemented, even if they have been super busy adding new content to the groovy tower defense / RPG hybrid, the latest of which is – believe it or not – a lavamancer hero. Time to fight fire with fire…

Magma, fire, brimstone, lava, molten boulders. Some or all of those make up this guy’s arsenal, hot (get it?) on the heels of one of my absolute favorite additions, the abyss lord, and of course, the gunwitch. Dude even got his very own trailer to show off in, building huge hotter-than-hell blockades and what-have-you. Could one possibly ask for more with such a smokin’ new character?

Sure, why not? The developer’s in a generous mood as of late after all, and this patch has been no exception, giving players frequently requested features like a way to tell exactly when daily quests will reset, a switch that enables more compact damage numbers (hell yeah!), and no more wasted tokens on duplicate items from lockboxes… to name but a few. Oh and both types of flaming towers got a noticeable damage buff. Yup. This one’s determined to set the world ablaze.

Bugs have been fixed too, like, say, a nasty memory leak, a confused map screen that couldn’t tell incursion from defense every so often, Harbinger being immune to grenades (wait, what?), and improved controller support. Very groovy. Be sure to check out the link below for the full patch notes as there’s way more than displayed on my little highlight reel.

(Source: Update 15.0)

Meet the Lavamancer | Dungeon Defenders II

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