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Sight Heard, Sound Seen: Audiogame Jam Is Almost Upon Us

Audiogame Jam

The audible aspect of a video game can either play a very important part as sound cues indicate things like enemy footsteps, music signaling the beginning of an encounter or perhaps just as a companion to the visual experience. So how about we get rid of the latter, just for kicks, and create a bunch of games in which the focus is (almost) entirely on audio? Sounds good, right? Then you’re in for a treat with the Audiogame Jam.

Now, one thing has to be said about this particular game jam, and that is… it doubles as a fundraiser. That’s right: this one will be supporting the Royal National Institute of Blind People, a charity dedicated to supporting those with sight loss. An admirable cause for sure, so what say we get to making some rockin’ games and helping them a bit, eh?

An audiogame does not need to be purely audio. You can add visual elements but the game should be playable in the same way regardless of the visual elements.

Participants will be tasked with jamming the creation of a game consisting only of sound, no visual aid of any kind to help players navigate, which sounds like a rather steep challenge, but who knows – maybe that’s just me. I’m sure the jam will turn up some rather intuitive and brilliant stuff, although we’ll have to wait a few days as the whole thing doesn’t begin until August 26th, ending on September 5th. Ample time to cancel your plans and partake in this instead. Just saying.

(Thanks to @emshort for the heads up)

Audiogame Jam for Charity