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The 2014 XYZZY Awards Finalists at a Glance – Get to Voting!

Interactive Fiction (IF) has been a thing for quite some time now. In fact, I’m sure some of you are more than a little familiar with the likes of Zork, Adventure, and other text-based classics. While the XYZZY Awards isn’t quite as old, this particular celebration of all things IF has still been around for almost 20 years. So what say we help keep the momentum going by throwing votes at this year’s finalists, eh?

Now, while games made with everything from ChoiceScript to Twine are represented here, this competition isn’t just about the stories. I mean, sure, puzzles, setting, NPC(s) and so on are all given their own category – as they well should – we mustn’t forget about the engines driving these interactive tales. As such, Inform 7 6L02, Texture and Twine 2 have all made the final(ist) cut for “Best Technological Development”. The victor? Honestly, my money’s on Twine 2, but we’ll see. Still plenty time left, as the voting doesn’t close until April 25th.

As far as the actual tales go, tall and not, there’s quite a few interesting ones here: inkle’s steampunk take on a classic, 80 Days, and Weird City Interloper by C.E.J. Pacian, which has you potentially rewriting history, to name but a few. Or how about a trip back to ancient Rome, in Blood & Laurels? So darn groovy.

A grand total of 21 projects are currently awaiting votes, so might I recommend you get to it? Either create a new IFComp account or login with your existing, to then vote… over here. For convenience sake, every single finalist has been listed below, taken straight from the XYZZY Awards site. Best of luck to all participants.

Best Game

Best Writing

Best Story

Best Setting

Best Puzzles

Best NPCs

Best Individual Puzzle

  • Finding the treasure in More (Jason Dyer)
  • Sequence of time-travel in Fifteen Minutes (Ade McT)

Best Individual NPC

Best Individual PC

Best Implementation

Best Use of Innovation

Best Technological Development

Best Use of Multimedia