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Sample Singapore’s Calligraphy (and a Spirit or Two) in Upcoming ‘Without Within 3’

Last time we saw Without Within 3‘s protagonist, down-on-luck aspiring calligrapher Vinty, she was on a trip to Melbourne in Without Within 2, hoping to meet her idol. Well… a lot happened, and while not all of it good, she has not given up on her dream (go Vinty!) just yet. And as fate would have it, in this third outing, a mysterious letter – more or less – leads her to Singapore, kicking off an adventure with a bit of a supernatural twist. Spooky!

That said, unless InvertMouse is taking the franchise in a radical new direction, I suspect we’ll still be treated to several mishaps involving poor Vinty, as she tours this new locale – in a story twice the length of its precursor! Yay, more Vinty! More Vinty is always good. Oh right, almost forgot: Malaysia is also on the menu, complete with links to ‘real life footage of the places Vinty visits’. Groovy stuff.

Who sent Vinty that mysterious letter? What’s the deal with all that spirit stuff? Will Vinty ever become famous, admired by the masses for her calligraphy skills? Is this one going to end in a cliffhanger, to be resolved in Without Within 4 down the road? Heck if I know! Without Within 3 isn’t out yet after all, but hopefully it’ll answer some of my questions…

Without Within 3 will be available on Steam, come May 4.

Without Within 3 – Trailer

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