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‘When It Hits the Fan’, Only Some Serious Twin Stick Shootin’ Can Save Mankind

In the year 199X, everything was fine. Until it wasn’t, demons, zombies, robots all appearing out of nowhere, pouring out into the streets, wreaking havoc. Oh, and aliens invaded, because why not? Fortunately for mankind, we were (kinda) prepared for a situation like this: enter The Mercenary Twins! These two bad-ass gun-totin’ maniacs waited their entire lives for a chance to gun down numerous bad guys. Which is incidentally also your best course of action… When It Hits the Fan!

Suffice to say, the story in When It Hits the Fan is not super important. But chances are you’ll be too busy gunning down anything that moves to care, anyway. Whether it be a basic pistol, a shotgun, dual-wielding pistols, the awesome-yet-dangerous chainsaw, or something else entirely… bullets will fly and stuff will die. All over the place and pretty much constantly. Sometimes you’ll die too, but eh, plenty credits for respawns; just like in the arcade!

You’ll be fighting across four different zones in the full version, although the demo – which my impressions are based on – only featured two of these. None of the unlockable content (Hard Mode and Cheat Mode) either. Plenty guns though, and so… many… enemies. Or perhaps ‘cannon fodder’ is more accurate, considering how quickly they fell? Could have cranked the difficulty up ever so slightly, but nah. Death to all who oppose mankind, When It Hits the Fan!

When It Hits the Fan (demo) is available from Steam and itch.io, carrying a $10 price tag.

When It Hits the Fan – Official Gameplay Trailer

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