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Weekly Indie Update (Week 52 of 2011)

I recently had a change of heart, when it comes to browser-based indie games. In the past, for some reason, I’ve had little interest in indie games running in a web browser. It simply felt odd to me, playing a game in my browser. Like it wasn’t… “logical”.

Yet I managed to find Soul Tax enjoyable – who’d have known being a ghost and scaring the crap out of people could be fun? The humor is also spot-on along with the nice retro graphics. The only thing that actually bugs me about it, is the somewhat floaty controls, but maybe that’s intentional?

Being a scary ghost is not the only way I’ve had fun with browser games, as BOXGAME also caught my eye recently. Quite an enjoyable 2D puzzler, with a gravitational twist.. eh.. it’s a bit difficult to describe, but since it’s free I recommend giving it a go!
The same developer also made SWIFT*SWITCH, which I have yet to try, though a demo is available.. so I’ll give it a whirl, once I “recover” from the holidays!

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