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Groovy: Unity 2018.1’s Release is Prompty Followed by 2018.2’s Public Beta

It’s been less than a week since Unity 2018.1 left beta, and yet we’re already treated to a preview of 2018.2 with a public beta! Awesome time to be a Unity user, eh? Before I go over what’s new and exciting in this preview build, one thing in particular did catch my eye: High-DPI scaling support! Long live the mighty 4K (not to mention 8K) monitor.

But since not everyone has one of them fancy, super lovely 4K/8K monitors, here’s a slice of other new and groovy things in the Unity 2018.2 beta: a drivable camera (no, really), improvements to the particle system, made before the CPU even gets near them, and… “the tail of the Trail Renderer will now retract smoothly”. Not sure what that last bit means but it sounds great.

On top of that… other things! Things too complex for me to decipher them in this here article; I’m a blogger, not a programmer/developer, ya know? Oh, and as always, the beta is available from this here link. Have fun!

(Source: Unity 2018.2 beta: What’s new)